Review of CSF Couriers Ltd.

Looking for a way to shop online without having to undergo the fees and charges associated with shipping your item directly to Trinidad?

CSF Couriers lets you ship your items to their warehouse and Miami and have them delievered to you based on Weight and Customs.

Let’s begin this review:

CSF stands for “Customer Service First” and I must say, they are quite true to their name. In the past months that I have been using their services, whenever I had a problem, I would contact them and receive an almost instant and polite response.

Their rates for shipping etc. are fairly OK and in my experience I’ve never really had a problem with my orders. You can choose to have your package delivered directly to your home address or you can choose to pick it up at their office in Chaguanas.

Prior to delivery, they send you a nice little invoice via E-mail which shows your customs and weight fees along with the seller you bought your item from. Here’s and example of one:

Certain fields have been blurred for obvious reasons

On the day of delivery, you can choose to pay them with cash or via Paypal.

All in all I would say this is an excellent Courier company, try them out today at:

Registration fee is $150.00 TT.

Please comment below if you have any better alternatives!

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